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Cost leadership: A strategy focused on minimizing costs and prices in order to offer products or services at a lower price than competitors.

Differentiation: A strategy focused on offering unique products or services that differentiate the business from competitors.

Niche market focus: A strategy focused on targeting a specific, narrow market segment in order to differentiate the business from competitors.

Customer intimacy: A strategy focused on building strong relationships with customers and tailoring products or services to meet their specific needs.

Innovation: A strategy focused on developing and introducing new products or services in order to stay ahead of competitors.

Diversification: A strategy focused on expanding the business into new markets or product lines in order to reduce risk and increase revenue.

Partnerships and alliances: A strategy focused on forming partnerships or alliances with other businesses or organizations in order to access new markets or resources.

Strategic acquisitions: A strategy focused on acquiring other businesses in order to access new markets, technologies, or talent.

Outsourcing: A strategy focused on contracting out certain functions or processes to external providers in order to save costs or access specialized expertise.

Restructuring: A strategy focused on reorganizing a business in order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or align with new goals. This may involve changes to the business's structure, processes, or workforce.



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